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Denise Monique


Denise Monique is a Self-Published Author, Entrepreneur, Mentor, and Motivational Speaker located in Cleveland, Ohio. She is also the owner of Pink Moth, LLC. 

As a social worker, Denise is passionate about many challenges that affect youth and seniors and works to assist those in need. Her adult books and short stories focus on social challenges. Denise loves to travel as much as possible. Each year, she travels to a place she has never been before. Other hobbies include reading, sometimes as much as a book a day. Growing up, Denise would win the summer reading club each year for having read the most books. Her nickname was One-Hundred due to her educational efforts. Her dad gave her his own nickname of Squirrel, as she was a tomboy and could be found in a tree most days.


In 2022, Denise was selected to participate in the Twelve Literary Arts Baldwin House Writers-In-Residence, where she worked on her upcoming novel. Additionally, the author was selected through Literary Cleveland, to write a piece called 'Moribund Bijou," which is published in Neighborhood Voices. 

Denise is very passionate about helping others find the light within themselves to start their path to better lives. She kept her story in for so many years, as she didn't want to hurt the very people that hurt her. She has learned to view her mistakes as learning lessons and strives for greatness in life. Denise lives by the motto that anything that disturbs her peace has got to go! 


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