About Me

I love to explore and learn about the different cultures in different areas.  I believe the world is a beautiful place.  It is like a giant puzzle with a variety of pieces.

I thrive on learning about the history of places, and what sets them apart from other places.  The activities, the beliefs, the climate, the economy, the food, and even the government can make a huge difference.  

I love to interact with locals, and share their stories. The ability to learn about their family businesses is inspiring. To allow me to learn about generational recipes gives a deeper sense of trust.  To speak about religious views can offer a thrilling insight.  Their opinions about their government and even their views, particularly about US government, can be very interesting.  I like the accents, language and the hospitality.

I am an author with several children's books published and one adult book. Reading and writing are my passion right next to fishing.