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The Silent Treament

Book by Abbie Greaves

A bit lengthy; an emotional read.


Why I Kept My Past a Secret

Book by Teresa Mason Browning

The title was captivating.

I didn't like the way the dialogue was written.  The story had some interesting parts, but it didn't flow well.  The ending didn't make sense.

The cover is nice.


For My Good: My Baby Daddy Ain't Ish

Book by Tanisha Stewart

Tanisha gives a detailed account of the struggles of having a child out of wedlock. Gina thought she was in a committed relationship that would grow. She was in for a rude awakening. Every which way she turned, there was stress. She learned that in order to grow, she had to let go of some things and pick up others. The dialogue was extensive, at times, but I enjoyed the read.

for my good.jpg

Worthy: A Modern Love Drama

Book by Kela Calvin

I wasn't mesmerized in the beginning of the book as I expected something different. But once it took off -it flew! When we don't address our past, it controls our present. This book made me laugh, cry and literally throw my device across the room! It is well written and reminds us of the importance of self-love. When we believe we are worthy, and operate in it, our choices will show it. Well done Kela!


The Hell I Carry: An Autobiography

Book by Lucas Derion

I commend the author for telling his story. Those that should have protected him, failed him. All of the abuse, misuse and horror allowed him to continue to put himself in positions to be victimized.

My memoir is similar. It takes great courage to relive the events and even greater courage to put it in a book. Male sexual abuse carries a different stigma. Yet, the author not only wrote his story, but did so with a style, often poetic at times. Way to go!

the hell i carry.jpg

Can You Feel This? (Inheritance collection)

Book by Julie Orringer

I prefer full sentences but managed to enjoy the short story. I can relate to all the fears of becoming a mother.

Can You Feel This.jpg

He Wasn't Good Enough for Me

(Book 1)

Book by Jenay Balderas

What a well developed story! The deceit and drama is real. I couldn't put it down. There were several grammatical errors but it didn't take away from the story. Looking forward to the next book.

he wasnt good enough for me book 1.jpg

He Wasn't Good Enough for Me

(Book 2)

Book by Jenay Balderas

Another page turner! Lots of drama and lessons. I cried, I shook my head, I yelled as the drama unfolded. The grass isn't always greener.

he wasnt good enough for me book 2.jpg

Loss of Innocence

Book by Emmalene Justin

Shaznay experienced a gruesome act no one should have to go through. Her parents and community worried while the attacker hung out close by. He blames the loss of his wife for his heinous act. I thought he would take his own life. The story describes a loss of innonence that many young people, unfortunately, face. I ask why should a grown man take what he should not desire? I'm glad Shaznay survived.

The story was too short as it described the attack through the incarceration of the abuser. I found the cover appealing and fit for such a story.

loss of innocence.jpg

Forsaken Love

Book by Sylvester Murray

The story of life from the lens of a foster child was a clear picture. The loss of important connections enabling the ability to trust cost Angelina alot. She took the chance to reconnect with her past. I truly enjoyed the way the author told the story. There were some grammatical errors which did not take from the story. I'm looking forward to another story from Sylvester Murray.

forsaken love.jpg

Living Proof 2: When The Dust Settles

Book by Kela Calvin

Can Bethany get a break? I enjoyed the second part to the series although it could have been longer. I like the way Kela brings social issues into her stories. Well done!

living proof 2.jpg

Blue Euphoria

Book by Tito Bradley

The book was a slow start for me. Once it got going, I laughed and really enjoyed the descriptions the author gave so well. There were typos but they didn't take too much from the story. Overall, I enjoyed the book.

blue euphoria.jpg

Everything My Mother Taught Me (Inheritance collection)

Book by Alice Hoffman

The story left me wanting more. The author did a great job describing the scenery. I can't wait to read the next book.

everything my mother taught me.jpg


Book by Unknown




Book by Unknown


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